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Legal Questions

We do child custody cases of low to moderate conflict.
We do not mediation divorce cases with high conflict, violence or abuse.

Attorneys are not required to accompany you to mediation.
Parents are encouraged to retain an attorney, and most judges require parents to be represented by an attorney.  If parent(s) have an attorney(s) attained he/she will be required
to look over your papers before you sign them. 

Pursuant to Indiana ADR Rule 2.7(B)(1), the attorneys who represent you are to be
present for the mediation sessions, unless otherwise agreed.  Attorneys can agreed to waive
attending part/entire mediation.

If your case is one that needs an attorney present with you during mediation, than by all
means mediate with attorneys present.  It is advised to you that you always seek advice of an
attorney for all matters before signing or agreeing to matters concerning your divorce case.

Family Mediation Center's Personnel

  • Personnel do not provide legal advice to their clients.
  • Personnel do not represent any of the parties of a divorce and will remain neutral
    with respect to any and all the issues pending in the divorce case.
  • Personnel will not discuss your divorce case with your spouse or any other person
    in or out side of our company without your written consent.
  • Personnel are not decision-makers, such as a judge or an arbitrator.



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